South Korea opposition leader starts hunger strike over government policy

South Korea’s sole opposition governer started a hunger strike on Thursday to protest in opposition to government rules, which involves the passive stance taken over Japan releasing treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean. Lee Jae-myung, governer of the Democratic Party of Korea, gave an assortment of reasons for his protest at a news conference, without saying how long his hunger strike would last.

They ranged from the government’s economic imbalanced handling , to its divisive politics and perils to press freedom, missing of accountability for latest October’s Itaewon crowd crush disaster, and the defeat to go against the Fukushima water release. Though it is ordinary for South Korean politicians to resort to hunger strikes to draw attention to their stand, it is special for the ruler of a major party to take such a prominent step. Opposition leader Lee has had his own issues since having the opportunity to be the head of his party a year ago, just months after he could not win the presidential election.