Soul of Singapore: Community, culture and solidarity


In a search for what defines the soul of Singapore, the panelists at the Singapore perspective forum said that the coronavirus pandemic has given a chance to explore the essence of Singapore. The annual flagship event was organised by the Institute of Policy Studies on January 14, 2021. Many experts were present from various fields such as health, art, sports, media and they suggested that community, culture and solidarity are the essences of Singapore. Janice Koh, a former Nominated MP and actor said that for her the soul of Singapore is shared memories. According to her the pandemic had a silver lining to it and it gave the nation a chance to reset its story.
Professor Audrey Yue shared views which have the core of both traditions and culture. The Professor heads the department of communications and new media at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She said that Singapore is a land of new as well as old migrants. We have been continuing to maintain our traditional cultures and also intertwining them with new practices which have a meaning behind them. Singapore is a rich multicultural nation with diverse ethnic groups. Shared family language and values are a part of everyday culture.
A psychiatrist and chief executive of Promises Healthcare, Dr Munidasa Winslow, the soul of Singapore lies in the sense of its community. Promises healthcare is a clinic which primarily focuses on mental health and addictions. He said within the initial weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, ministers and healthcare professionals came together and formed hotline help numbers for anybody who wanted to discuss its problems or anyone who just wanted to share what they are going through. Therefore this sense of community makes it the essence of Singapore. There is solidarity between people, they look after each other. Therefore the soul of Singapore lies in its culture, community and solidarity


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