Solar powered house on wheels inspiring people around the globe


Solar Team Eindhoven is a Dutch student team popular for its solar-powered vehicles. It has invented the world’s first mobile home which is solar-powered. The makers have named it Stella Vita. iit is designed by a team of 22 students of Eindhoven University of Technology. It can generate sufficient solar electricity to drive 730 kilometers in a day. It is a house on wheels as well.
The makers of this project undertook a month-long journey through Europe which started on  September 19, 2021. This solar powered mobile home was driven on just solar energy from Eindhoven in The Netherlands, all the way to the southernmost tip of Spain.
Stella Vita has a shower,  a sleeping space, a kitchen and a cockpit. Its roof has many solar panels. These solar panels can be expanded when the vehicle is parked. It helps in recharging the batteries faster. 
The vehicle does not require any external charging points or fuel. Its solar panels can power everything else found on Stella vita. It displays a sustainable future for vehicles used for recreational purposes and mobile homes. The amazing thing is that every part of this solar mobile home has been designed to be as light and efficient as possible. The members of Solar Team Eindhoven have previously introduced other solar-powered vehicles. This inspirational startup is inspiring many people around the globe. Young generation is exploring and innovating wonderful things through startups. 


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