Slovak PM Fico between life and death after shooting, Hungary PM reveals

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico is between life and death two days after an assassination try that caused stress across Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban conveyed to public radio on Friday. The shooting was the first major assassination try on a European political governor for more than 20 years, and has drawn international condemnation.

Political analysts and lawmakers say it has exposed a rising febrile and polarised political climate both in Slovakia and across Europe. “We are praying for the prime minister and root for Slovakia,” Orban revealed. “We pray for his rapid recovery and we want his coming back to work as soon as possible . Robert Fico is between life and death.”

Orban said even if Fico recovers, he would be out of work for months at a critical time in the run-up to European Parliament elections due early next month.

“We are encountering an election that will decide not just about members of European Parliament but along with the U.S. election can determine the course of war and peace in Europe,” Orban revealed. “In that situation we would have worsely required Robert Fico and a pro-peace Slovakia.