Singaporean man imprisoned and fined for trying to smuggle 11 wild birds into Malaysia

A  Singaporean man, who is 47, was sent to prison for 7 days and a fine of RM80,000 (S$23,200)has been imposed  by the Malaysian government because he comitted a crime of smuggling 11 wild birds, which included macaws, into the nation. It happened on may 31, the man was driving a multi-purpose vehicle into Johor Bahru via the Causeway, he was told to stop there. The Johor Wildlife and National Parks Department, or Perhilitan, got aware about the incident at approximate 7.30pm that day. Perhilitan director Aminuddin Jamin informed on Wednesday that checks of the vehicle discovered a total of 11 wild birds. It included these birds- three blue and golden macaws, a yellow-headed amazon and three red macaws.

Perhilitan officers also discovered 10 wooden boxes, cages for birds, mobile phones and bird perches when they entirely checked and investigated the man’s vehicle. The man, who has not been recognized, had no accurate documents for the birds. He was detained by the police after Perhilitan filed a report against him. People in the department of law have made efforts to do their inspection, resulting in the confiscation of a number of animals, the Malay Mail conveys without the exact number and details of figures involved. In Malaysia, hunting or keeping protected wildlife is considered an illegal act under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 (Act 716).