Singapore welcomes the United States announcement to rejoin Paris Agreement


Singapore has welcomed the United States announcement to rejoin the Paris Agreement. The US and Singapore are ready to work together to address climate change. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 21, 2021 said that the decision of the US to return to the agreement is a productive development. Climate change needs to be tackled globally. 
After being sworn in as the US President, the first move made by Joe Biden was to return the US to the Paris agreement. America has finally returned to the global challenge against climate change. Approximately 200 nations in 2015 agreed to tackle global warming through an international treaty which is legally binding. The whole effort being put up is to cut the emissions by the year 2030. The parties to the agreement have agreed to keep the global warming above the pre-industrial levels to less than 2 degree C and try to aim at 1.5 degree C. 
The United States is one of the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Under the former Trump administration, the US withdrew from the Paris deal. According to Trump, this agreement is a total disaster. Under the administration of President Barack Obama, the US was the driving force towards the making of the Paris agreement. Climate change is a grave threat to mankind. To tackle it effectively, global efforts need to be made collectively. It was also mentioned that Singapore is more vulnerable to the impact of climate change. 
Singapore had also started a Singapore Cooperation Programme to support developing countries. It has also made a dedicated Climate Action Package to help the fellow countries with climate science and disaster management. Singapore was among the first to ratify the Paris agreement and is committed to make efforts for its successful implementation. 


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