Singapore has the best business friendly ecosystem in Asia

A country is successful only if it has good leadership. Even with the lack of various vital resources required for the development, Singapore is considered as the best country for education and business. Singapore is a hub for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.

The most important resource which Singapore has is human resource. For companies as well as individuals, it has a business friendly ecosystem. One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world are in Singapore. There are no controlled foreign company rules, no estate tax or capital gains tax. Thousands of multinational companies are based in Singapore. Non-resident corporations are exempted from taxes for the first three years of taxable income

For the past two decades, Singapore’s seaport infrastructure has been ranked the best in Asia. The busiest container ports in the world are in Singapore. World’s best airport, Changi airport is in Singapore. It Has excellent connectivity and cross border trade is easily accessible. In Singapore, entrepreneurs can raise funds at the lowest rates. The government of Singapore also provides funding to new startups and existing companies.

If you want to incorporate a company in Singapore, all you need is correct paperwork and company incorporation can be done within a few hours. The ease of doing business is surprisingly amazing. It is also hassle free to hire labour in Singapore. There are no stringent labour laws, labour strikes or even minimum wages.

Singapore also has a very stable political environment. Investors feel a strong sense of comfort and security. In case of any dispute, Singapore is known for a world class arbitration facility. In Asia, it has the best IP protection. It has the most efficient policy making procedures and is the most transparent country in Asia. Singapore enjoys a distinctive position in the global economy and plays a crucial role as the business core of Asia.