Should primary school content be banned in kindergartens in China? Lawmakers mull draft law

Kindergartens in China could be restricted from teaching primary school academic study material, as lawmakers started to create a draft law to make sure that pre-school education goes on to be available  in the nation.The draft law, which is created to be the first national law on pre-school education, was tabled on Monday.

It is being deliberated by lawmakers for the first time at a session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC), which is held from Monday to Friday. After a draft law is revised a couple of times by the NPC Standing Committee, it will usually become a law, reported China Daily on Tuesday. The draft law has to goal to give equal opportunity for those who are at least three years old and have not enrolled in elementary school, said Nikkei Asia.

Despite from physical checks, kindergartens are not given the permission to conduct any tests or checks, said the draft. Kindergartens are also not permitted to have any enrolment tests and, instead, support students and give them moral lessons , help them develop good habits, help them understand how to take care of their body with other safety related awareness.

Many families in China splurge a lot in their children’s education, reported Nikkei Asia, adding that private pre-school fees have become a prominent factor to the nation’s increasing education prices.