Seoul to Introduce Short-Term Transit Pass for Travelers Starting July

SEOUL – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on May 12 that the city’s all-inclusive transit pass, known as the Climate Card, will be available for short-term use by visitors to Korea starting in July.

This new initiative aims to enhance the user experience for tourists with an affordable pricing structure. The short-term pass will be available for durations of one, two, three, five, and seven days. City officials estimate the cost to be around 20,000 won (approximately $20) for a five-day pass.

This offers a more economical option compared to the current cash-only daily pass provided by T-money for foreign tourists, which costs 15,000 won for one day. The T-money pass includes a 5,000 won deposit and a 500 won service fee, and tourists must retrieve their deposit from a ticket vending machine at subway stations, a process deemed inconvenient by many.

Currently, the Climate Card costs 65,000 won per month, granting unlimited access to subways, buses, and public bicycles within the city. Users can also opt to exclude the bike-sharing service, reducing the cost to 62,000 won per month.

In addition to the short-term pass, the Climate Card will feature new designs inspired by Seoul’s representative mascots and characters, targeting younger consumers. Seoul also plans to expand the card’s services in October by integrating the Hangang River Bus, a water bus service along the Han River.

This move is part of Seoul’s broader effort to provide more convenient and cost-effective transportation options for both residents and visitors, enhancing the overall travel experience in the city.