Search for survivors after Indian floods, landslides kill 65

 Rescuers on Tuesday discovered for people who were not been found in floods and landslides that have taken away lives of around 65 in India, which involves 11 who lost their lives in the falling off of a very renowned temple. Days of heavy rains have washed away vehicles, destructed buildings and collapsed bridges in the mountain regions.

Flooding and landslides are ordinary and lead to widespread destruction during India’s treacherous monsoon season, but experts say climate transformation is heightening its impact Images from severely affected regions in Himachal Pradesh revealed bodies being pulled out of piles of shadowy earth that had collapsed buildings and smashed roofs. Railway lines were shown hanging in middle of the air, the ground below them washed away. Rescue teams there were working to eradicate debris after people were terrified buried when intense downpours led to landslides.