Science and significance of Sutra: The Sacred thread


Sutra precisely means a thread. The science behind this is materials retain energy. Different metals and materials when shaped into a particular form retain energy for a longer period of time. For example a copper plate can’t hold eb]energy for a long period of time whereas when it is transferred into a particular shape, it can retain the energy for a much longer period of time. Material and the form of it holds much significance. Modern science is also studying the patterns that form in rivers and water bodies, sands in deserts. Certain forms of energy have the capacity to hold energy for a longer period of time. An ellipsoid is able to hold energy for five to ten thousand years. Isn’t this truly amazing?
Different materials can be energised in certain ways. For example silk, cotton and copper are great at absorbing energy. Cotton thread or sutra is commonly used because it is an easily available material, inexpensive and can hold energy for a significant period of time. To increase its ability to absorb energy, different materials are used along with it for example turmeric. It has the power to remove minor infections from the digestive system and makes the skin glow. Turmeric is also said to clean aura and energy.
The immune system is not only dependent on what’s happening inside but is also dependent on the energy you create around yourself. Turmeric creates vibrant energy and cleanses the aura and increases immunity. Turmeric enhances the threads ability to absorb energy. Different kinds of sutras can be created for different purposes. Sutras are tied to different body parts like wrist, arms, ankle and neck. Mangalsutra is also a thread which binds two people together. Therefore a sutra is not a mere thread but has deep science and significance behind it.


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