Salumarada Thimakka: A century old exemplary environmentalist


The entire human race is surviving because of nature. It is our duty to take care of it. Salumarada Thimakka’s love for nature was amazing. Even the taunts of her in-laws could not shake her spirits. Salumarada Thimakka, popularly known as ‘Vrikshamata’, has planted more than 8000 saplings. One of Karnataka’s oldest environmentalists is Salumarada Thimmakka. This simple looking woman has made the whole country proud with her work today. Salumarada Thimmakka has dedicated her entire life to protect Mother Earth.
Salumarda, 107, has planted more than 8000 saplings in the last 66 years, in which there are more than 400 banyan trees. But this journey was not so easy for Salumarda Thimmakka. Listening to the taunts of her in-laws, it was very difficult for her to do what she wanted to do. Every child of South India knows who Salumarada Thimakka is. Born in a poor family in Karnataka’s Gubbi taluk (Tumakuru) district, Salumarada Thimmakka started working at a young age. She could not complete her schooling.
She was married to Chikkaiah, a laborer from Ramanagara district of Karnataka. She had no children of her own, due to which she had to hear a lot of taunts in her in-laws’ house. When Salumarda was about 40 years old, she thought of suicide several times while facing the taunts of people, but her husband supported her and advised her to plant trees.
After which Salumarda did not care about the taunts of the in-laws and considered the trees and plants as her children. Salumarda, along with her husband, planted banyan trees in Ramnagar district and started taking care of them like children.
Salumarda considers trees and plants as her own children. She takes care of every tree like a mother takes care of her child. Salumarda herself spent money for the care of the trees and plants and looked after the plants day and night.
Salumrada has been serving trees and plants for the last 70 years. Salumarda’s family is making a living from the money that they received personally from the organizations on behalf of which Salumarda was honored. The contribution made by Salumarada Thimmakka to improve the environment is commendable. In view of her work, she has been honored with many honors so far.
In the year 2016, Salumarada Thimakka was included in the list of most influential and inspirational women in the world. Not only this, in view of the wonderful works of Salumarda Thimakka, the Government of India has also honored her with the Padma Shri, one of the highest honors of the country.
Salumarada Thimmakka wants to build a hospital in her village in the memory of her late husband. She has also set up a trust for the purpose of opening a hospital. Salumarada Thimmakka has written her success story with her hard work and dedication. Her story is encouraging and inspiring. Today, there is a great need for a person like Salumarada Thimakka to keep nature safe.


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