Sakthibalan Balathandautham: Extraordinary act of bravery, humanity and selflessness

For inner happiness and satisfaction, selflessness is the key. We all have heard about it many times yet becoming selfless seems very difficult. Only humanity can save this world. One such selfless act by Mr Sakthibalan Balathandautham changed lives. One day while using social media in July 2020, Mr Sakthibalan Balathandautham came across a request by a couple who was looking for a liver donor for their 1 year old child. Only after a few weeks of her birth, she was diagnosed with biliary atresia. This can eventually lead to liver failure.

 After reading that plea, he could not stop thinking about the little child and the condition of her parents. He started to learn about organ donation on the internet, the surgical procedure and expected period of recovery. He called the couple. Mr Sakthibalan had decided to donate part of his liver to the 1 year old little girl he had never met. Several rounds of tests were conducted on him. He was only 28 years old, a senior sales executive in Singapore. He donated 23% of his liver to the baby girl. He underwent 5 hours of operation at National University Hospital.

 His extraordinary gesture has saved the little girl’s life. He has served a greater purpose in his life. During the COVID-19 pandemic when everything seems gloomy, he has lifted the spirits of people and has shown that nothing should stand in the way of humanity. Both the donor and recipient successfully recovered. After the operation he felt a strong bond with the baby girl and her family. Since then he is advocating for organ donation and has been encouraging people to step up and help those who are in need.

 When asked he said that at that time he thought that he is young and has time to recover therefore he should step up. He inspired everyone with his sheer humanity and selflessness. To make a difference in the life of a stranger, he put his own well being in risk. His act of courage and generosity restores faith in humanity.