Sabah’s Kinabalu National Geopark declared Unesco Global Geopark

KOTA KINABALU – Chief Minister Hajij Noor declared The Kinabalu National Geopark in Sabah, Malaysia, as a Unesco Global Geopark. The park which is 4,750 sq km . It is home to the 4000m-tall Mount Kinabalu. Unesco’s executive board took this decision in Paris on Wednesday. This is a wonderful victory for the government under its Hala Tuju Sabah Maju Jaya initiatives as the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment and Sabah Parks made efforts.

“The Kinabalu Unesco Global Geopark is now said to be the global geotourism destination. It adds immense value to Sabah’s eco-tourism products which are already existing. The geopark carries variety of endemic plants and animals which includes  90 orchid species which are so rare that they are only located on Mount Kinabalu. The Unesco Global Geopark label recognises the geological heritage of international significance. Geoparks are beneficial for the local communities because they are saving  their significant geological heritage with public outreach and it is also providing the nourishment for its development.