S. Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s mother-in-law gets one year in prison for forging bank account

A district court in South Korea confirmed its last ruling on Friday, that convicted President Yoon Suk-yeol’s mother-in-law to one year in jail for building up documents for illegal investment. The Uijeongbu District Court alleged the 76-year-old woman, surnamed Choi, because of the crime of having personal documents and rupturing real estate rules and regulations. Choi was alleged of falsifying her bank account balance in 2013 to make herself look like she is financially stable enough to have the potential to buy a plot of land in Gyeonggi province. The document was created to look like Choi had 34.7 billion won (S$36 million) in her account. She also gave a separate forged document to the court while trying to get back her down payment for the land in Gyeonggi province. Choi has gone against the real estate law by using the name of her business partner’s son-in-law in the contract for buying land.