Russia reveals Western actions force it to rise up its nuclear deterrent

Russia is warning its Western adversaries that it feels extremely thankful to rise up its nuclear deterrent due to what it sees as their “escalatory” course, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted as saying on Thursday.

Ryabkov was cited by state news agency RIA as saying that Russia was not however transforming its own nuclear doctrine, which permits for the usage of nuclear weapons in case of an existential threat to the state.

“Currently, there are no transformations in this regard. But the situation itself is transforming , so how the basic documents in this region relate to the requirements of making sure  our safety  is the subject of continuous analysis,” Ryabkov revealed .

We warn our opposition parties that their escalatory trajectory confronts us obviously with the requirement to take steps that actually mean polishing our measures of deterrence.”

He said exercises including Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons, declared by Moscow earlier this week, were part of those attempts.