Russia completes repair of Baltic Sea telecoms cable, Finland says

Finland’s coast guard revealed on Thursday that Russia has done successfully repairs of a Russian Baltic Sea telecoms cable that was destructed six weeks back at the similar time that a gas pipeline and another communications cables were not working. Finnish and Estonian investigators have revealed that they suspect a Chinese container vessel, the NewNew Polar Bear, of leading to intense destruction to the Baltic connector pipeline and telecom lines by dragging its anchor over the sea bed.

The Finnish border guard on Nov. 6 said it was monitoring a Russian salvage ship, the Spasatel Karev, that was undertaking repairs to the 1,000 kilometre (620 miles) Baltika cable in Finland’s economic zone. “No violations of the Economic Zone Act or permit conditions were detected in the surveillance operation and the related inspections of the repair work,” the Finnish coast guard wrote on X on Thursday. The Baltika cable belonging to state-owned Rostelecom runs from the area of St. Petersburg to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on the southern Baltic Sea coast.