Robots are dominating China’s Service Industry


In the community kitchen, robots have taken over. Humans are just taking orders from the customers. A single robotic arm has replaced the people who used to cook earlier. The robots are part of an initiative of the Shanghai Government to offer affordable catering services. Most of the meals here cost less than 20 yuan. As compared with humans, robots are cheaper and more consistent in the way they cook. Robots are better with food safety. Food items taste the same even if they are prepared by robots. 
Earlier, the business was a traditional catering company. But soon they realised that staff turnover resulted in inconsistent food quality. Wage costs were also very high because of the labour-intensive business model. That is why they decided to replace humans with computer programmes and robots. The restaurant’s robots can serve approximately 800 meals per day. The company has also installed robots at school and company canteens. Robots are becoming increasingly common in China’s Service Industry. A Cafe has put robots to work as baristas. It is believed that robots are more precise about how to brew coffee correctly. 
But as of today, humans still have an edge over robots. Human interaction plays an important role in the success of a business. Communication with customers is essential. Therefore humans are the ones taking orders from the customers. 


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