Roads of plastic: A road to a safe environment


Nowadays, we get snacks in plastic, food items in plastic, clothing’s packing, everything is packed in plastic. The increasing dependency on plastic is a sign of great warning. Land dwelling or water organisms, everyone has to face significant losses due to plastic because plastic is non biodegradable solid waste. But how much do we really think about getting rid of plastic waste?
We usually hear many solutions like do not use plastic bags, recycle things which could be recycled etc. But there is a person who has thought of something extraordinary that solves the problem of plastic waste. Rajgopalan Vasudevan of Madurai who has made roads out of waste plastic and that too without spreading any pollution.
In 2001, Tyagarajan university’s chemistry department’s dean and professor, Doctor Rajgopalan conducted this experiment in his lab where he found a bond between bitumen and plastic to give more strength to the roads. It is used for road roofing and surfacing. To make 1 km of one single lane, you require 10 ton bitumen. But our plastic man used 9 ton bitumen and 1 ton plastic. 1 ton plastic means 10 lakh carry bags. The plastic that takes 1000 years to decompose, when used to make roads, becomes a great help for the environment.
The process to make the plastic road is very simple. Firstly road making stones are heated up to 170 degrees celsius. Then waste plastic is shredded and added to this. Plastic melts and binds with the stones in a few seconds. Plastic scrap added to hot bitumen coats the stone and does not release any toxic fumes. Then bitumen is added to this which is 160 degrees hot. And then the mixture is created through which plastic road is made.
Plastic roads are water resistant and can take more load than regular roads. It does not require any maintenance for ten years. It is the most beneficial and much better way of disposing plastic. In India 1 lakh kilometers of plastic roads have been made under his supervision.


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