Retiree in Malaysia cheated of life savings in $1m lottery scam

A retiree, who was in an illusion that he won RM3.5mil (S$1 million) from a lottery ticket, resulted in losing his life savings to two conmen who did wrong to him by making him have faith that the money was required to pay for some special prayers to enable him to win more in future. The incident took place when the victim, in his 60s, was encountered by two men while he was in Chaah town many weeks before.

A police official conveyed two men encountered the victim saying that he would be getting a windfall if they supported him buy a lottery ticket. “The man agreed with them but the suspects then provided him a piece of paper which was rolled up and tied,” the official revealed, adding that the victim was instructed not to unfold the paper until the next day. The official said to the suspects then told the victim to meet up with them the next day and to come with a bottle of water and an egg.

“Next day during their meeting, the suspects instructed the victim to unfold the paper and he was surprised to get a winning lottery ticket for RM3.5mil. They even unveiled him a newspaper clipping with the winning numbers. The official conveyed that the victim got a call many days before from a man purportedly from Pos Malaysia alleging that there was a parcel provided to the victim having identity cards and fake credit cards from Sarawak.