Relationship between Mental Health and Education


There is a strong correlation between education and mental health. A high level of education results in a better lifestyle and ultimately better mental health. A student with healthier mental health can complete his education effectively. Therefore mental health and education are correlated with each other. Millions of children around the world are affected by some sort of mental illness. One of the major health concerns globally is depression. Mental health issues often begin in the early years of life. School is the place where a child spends most of his childhood. Therefore mental health education should begin from the early years of school. If a mental health illness is left untreated, it negatively affects the learning capability of a student and in the worst-case scenario, it can lead to suicide. Anxiety symptoms and panic attacks in children have become common problems nowadays. Some of the signs are excessive nervousness, anxiety and unusual behavior. Early warning signs should not be ignored. Mental illness can be prevented by early diagnosis and proper mental health education. In all educational institutions, emphasis should be given on mental health. Due to the stigma attached to mental illness, schools and colleges can have different approaches to impart mental health education. During orientation, mental health issues and early signs should be discussed with students. Teachers can have interactive discussions in the class and apprise students regarding how to handle someone who is dealing with mental health concerns. Teachers can also share their own stories which will help students to understand things on a personal level. Scheduled lessons on mental health concerns should be given to students. Regular counselling sessions can also prevent students from mental health illness. Mental health directly affects the education of a child, therefore all the educational institutions in the world should make their best possible efforts to address mental health issues.


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