Recent Beijing rain heaviest since records began 140 years ago: Weather service

Heavy downpour that battered China’s capital in latest days was the heaviest since records started 140 years ago, Beijing’s weather service revealed on Wednesday, as a huge cleanup operation started. More than Millions of people have been experiencing issues by intense weather conditions and prolonged heatwaves around the globe in latest weeks – events that scientists say are a result by climate transformation.

The Beijing Meteorological Service revealed the Chinese capital has just seen the “heaviest rainfall in 140 years”, which is as long as the city’s authorities have kept records of the weather. “The maximum value of rainfall recorded during this storm, 744.8mm, happened at the Wangjiayuan Reservoir in Changping,” the service said, also saying that the hugest volume recorded before was 609mm in 1891.

The rainstorms that were happening in Beijing and adjacent Hebei province have taken away around 20 lives. State media have displayed a warning to people last week that around 130 million people would be affected by the extravagantly heavy downpour happening around the north parts of China.