Putin to Hold Two-Day Talks with Lukashenko in Belarus, Kremlin Announces

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin will engage in comprehensive discussions with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk on Thursday and Friday, the Kremlin confirmed.

The two-day talks will encompass a wide range of topics, reflecting the close alliance between Russia and Belarus. This meeting comes as Minsk prepares to participate in exercises simulating preparations for the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons later this month.

Belarus has provided significant logistical support to Russia during its conflict with Ukraine. Russian forces initially entered Ukraine from Belarusian territory during their offensive against Kyiv in February 2022.

In a separate development, Belarusian state news agency Belta reported on Thursday that Lukashenko appointed Pavel Muraveyko as the new chief of the Belarusian army’s general staff, underscoring ongoing military developments in the region.

The discussions between Putin and Lukashenko are expected to further solidify their strategic partnership amid continuing geopolitical tensions.