Purpose of Education


Ask a certain number of people regarding what is the purpose of education and you will get different answers. Most people would say that the purpose of education is to make a person successful and help him achieve his ambitions in life. But education is not all about making a person successful, it is one of its aspects. The true purpose of education is to turn a student into a lifelong learner, to make him understand how life actually works. An educationist has the most important role to play in the field of education. He must thrive to create a spark of inquiry within a student. If a student is not curious, then he is not learning. Without curiosity and imagination, there can not be any innovation. Another crucial aspect is to build skills that are required in the work field so that they can be creative. Without creativity just cramming lessons won’t make a child efficient in the field he wants to achieve excellence. Most important of all is to establish qualities of moral leadership in a student. Without morals, education loses its meaning and purpose. For instance, when a student reads an English lesson, the question which is generally asked is to write the character sketch of the main protagonist. The teacher provides the answer and the students mug it up. Those who cram it well, score the best marks. Here no scope is left for thinking, analyzing, imagining and learning. The right question that should be asked is, ‘what have you learned from this story?’ and the student should have to answer it by himself. Understanding the true purpose of education will help us understand the root problems of the education system.


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