Protests mount in South Korea over Japan’s plan to release treated Fukushima water

South Korea’s majority opposition party and civic parties across the nation started protests on Wednesday in opposition to Japan’s plan to release water from the Fukushima nuclear plant a day ahead of the planned beginning of the discharge. Conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol’s government has come under disapproval as it defended the post that its own assessment got no issues with the scientific and technical parts of Japan’s plan.

“We want to hold the Yoon government responsible for failing to do its duties,” opposition Democratic Party ruler Lee Jae-myung said at a party meeting, calling Japan’s plan to discharge water from the Fukushima plant because of fear.

Public problem goes on high in South Korea due to the plan to release more than one million metric tonnes of treated radioactive water beginning at 1pm Japan time on Thursday, so many of the people talking about stress over seafood and ocean destruction ,surveys reveal. Mr Park revealed that currents will bring the water around the Pacific along the Americas before it comes to South Korea’s shores in approaching four years, and that it holds less radioactive tritium compared to ordinary sea water.