Procrastination: The fear of making mistakes


Procrastination is the most common problem between all age groups. People keep on delaying tasks that they should be doing. There are many problems associated with procrastination which can be solved. The first one is the complaining process. And the second common mistake is focusing on the negative rather than the positive. The third problem which can make or break a person’s confidence is the fear of making mistakes. Nobody likes to make mistakes and therefore because of the fear of making mistakes, people avoid and delay doing things that they should be doing. Sometimes people have innovative ideas and business strategies, but because of the fear of making mistakes, they don’t even try. Even if a person tries and makes mistakes, by the fear of making the mistake again, they stop putting effort. So this is something teachers, parents and society should eliminate from the conditioning of children. There should be no fear of making mistakes. Mistakes make a person learn and grow, and that in itself is very important. Fear of failure should never hold a person back and hamper growth. Fear of making mistakes and failure is the reason for increasing mental health issues and anxiety between children and adolescents. Because of the excessive negative approach towards mistakes and failure, suicides and self sabotage is increasing day by day. It is a major concern and can be solved.


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