Procrastination: The complaining process


Procrastination is the action of postponing or delaying a task or set of tasks. With procrastination, there are many problems associated with it. The first and most deep rooted problem is the complaining process. Here a person objectifies himself as the victim, he complains about a particular situation and does not change it rather makes excuses and blames the circumstances. For example, I can’t change my job because I have a family, I have bills to pay. I am stuck in this field. I have a reason why I have this kind of problem. I am not the source of the situation. Whatever is happening with me is because of the circumstances, the Government or the weather. I could not complete my task because there was no time. So people have a tendency to blame the circumstances. Here there is no chance of growing up. Here you can not change anything, because you see that the problem is with the other person or situation. So to solve this grave problem, the solution is to take responsibility. For example, maybe I chose this job, maybe I chose this city, maybe I chose these bills that I have to pay for. Taking responsibility is the first step towards breaking the never ending complaining process. Once you start taking responsibility, you will automatically look forward to solutions. Otherwise, you are just trapped in the complaining cycle.


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