Procrastination: Red pen or a Green pen?


The first and the most deep rooted problem of procrastination is the complaining process. The second problem I would like to explain with the help of an example. In Russia, when a kid goes to school, at the end of his lesson, the teacher takes a red pen and rounds his mistakes and letters. All the attention of the child and parents is drawn towards the mistakes he has made, where he is weak. Whereas, the teacher should take a green pen instead and highlight the words and letters the child has perfectly written. The child should be made to realize what his strong point is and what he can be best at. This is the same mistake we all are making in our lives. It may seem not a big deal but you have no idea how much impact it leaves on our lives. We all become very critical of ourselves and keep repeating the things we are not good at. We all are continuously using the red pen throughout our lives. Holding onto the negative does not let a person grow and be better at anything. Therefore the solution to this problem is to pick a green pen and highlight the areas and fields we are good at so that we can focus on them and become better and the best. It will provide room for a person to learn, grow and develop. It will help in realizing a person’s true potential. Now you decide, a red pen or a green pen?


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