Priya Sharma: Changing lives a day at a time


The right to health was articulated in the WHO constitution, thereby indicating Universal healthcare as an established right of every human being. Indian constitution also affirms the right to life, which iner alia indicates the right to good health. Government of India has a department of health that establishes healthcare policies and implements them through Central and State government machinery. Sadly, good healthcare facilities are largely urban-centric, and rural population has to suffer weak or non-existent healthcare infrastructure. To plug this urban-rural divide in healthcare, a large number of NGOs/ private foundations are providing yeoman services across the length and breadth of our country.
Jimmedari is one such leading foundation which is being Led by Priya Sharma and her associates. Priya, an MBA in healthcare management from IIM Calcutta, has worked with esteemed companies like Johnson & Johnson, Quest Diagnostics, and Abbot India to provide primary healthcare to each and every citizen of India is now providing quality and accessible health care to poor and marginalized people.
She and her associates have adopted around 115 Villages providing improved and free healthcare with Mobile Health clinics. This initiative of theirs has led to 5,27 lakh rural people (approx) getting free medicines and doctors consultation.
The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand has recognized Jimmedari. Now they are contributing towards a mission named Khusiyan, a district development project run by the chief minister of Uttarakhand to improve the district’s social-economic indicators.


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