Private school owners under immense debt: commits suicide


The world is battling with coronavirus pandemic. It has taken millions of lives. It has economically affected a substantial portion of people so badly that they have given up and are unable to survive. 
The conditions of private schools and how pandemic has affected them has not come to light. Parents have denied to pay the requisite fees. No help was given from the government to the private schools to pay their staff and bank loans. Under immense mental pressure, owners of private schools have committed suicide. 
A recent heartbreaking incident took place in Karivena village in Andhra Pradesh. The deceased couple owned a private school named Life Energy School. They borrowed large sums of loans for its establishment. 
But because of the pandemic, parents denied giving fees and they did not receive new admissions. They came under huge financial pressure because of the debt. Ultimately they took their own lives by consuming certain pills. They even shot a video before taking this step and sent it to their friends and relatives. 
In another case in early June this year, an owner of a private school in Maharashtra committed suicide. He had taken a loan for the school 6 years ago. In the pandemic because of lack of funds, he was unable to repay the loan. He came under depression and took his own life. Deceased Mahendra was only 34 years old. His marriage was also scheduled to take place. 
These are just examples. There are hundreds of cases in which private school owners have taken their own lives because of debt. Private schools came into existence when government schools were unable to provide quality education and facilities. Private schools have played a very important role in education. They have increased the standard and quality of education. 
But because of the pandemic, private school owners are burdened under extreme debt. Parents have refused to pay fees. They have to pay their staff as well as bank loans. Schools are revered as temples. Schools inspire students to achieve their goals and live with self respect. How can someone who teaches self respect beg others for money? 
The government has ignored this crisis for too long which has resulted in hundreds of suicides. The government must now take bold and serious steps to help private school owners to get out of debt. They play an imperative role in education and education is the only hope for the future of a country. Indian Government must make strategy and policy to help private school owners. 


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