Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the driving force behind India’s remarkable developments


India has been independent for more than 70 years and the most progress it has made is in just five years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In October 2014, open defecation rate was 38.7% and now it is nearly 100% Open defecation free. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought a new light to Indian as well as Global politics. He remains popular even after continuous attacks by the media and the opposition parties. While executing policies, he has an impact strategy. He thrives to run a transparent and non-corrupt government. He has an explicit strategy to make India a vibrant country. 
He started the challenging expedition with Swachh Bharat Mission which advocated that every Indian household must have a toilet, and open defecation must be stopped.
He launched ‘Digital India’ where every Indian would have access to personal identification, internet connectivity and a bank account. The aim was to make the citizens have hassle free access to digital and banking platforms. Now more than 90% have their personal identification and more than 40 crore citizens have a bank account which is digitally accessible easily via mobile phones and other devices. 
To promote rural family health, gas stoves and connections have been largely distributed. Before this, rural families usually burned wood or coal to cook food. The smoke emitted from such burning created serious lung and breathing problems. In 2014, the number of gas connections was 12 crore which has now increased to 25 crore. 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi then made a significant leap in industry reforms by introducing demonetisation, GST and the Insolvency and the Bankruptcy Code. These reforms were undertaken to reduce corruption and curtail black money class. Since then, the use of black money has been reduced considerably.
Remarkable developments have been made in infrastructure of the country as well. Road connectivity has been increased, new railways have been developed, high speed roads and highways have been constructed. 
During this incredibly difficult time of the pandemic, minimum support income and ration has been extended to more than 80 crore Indians. PM Modi had global attention during the pandemic as the world’s largest vaccination drive started in India. India is one of the first countries at global level to develop a vaccine against the deadly virus. India has administered more than 127 million doses till now. India has also exported more than 65 million doses to 94 countries. Before PM Modi, it took years and years to bring a vaccine to India. For instance the vaccination for polio was introduced in India after 23 years it was introduced globally. 
It is only Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been able to lock in the Rafale deal. Indian Air Force strength has been boosted with the arrival of Rafale aircrafts. The first batch of Rafale jets arrived in 2020. Various significant legislations have been made and amended which are contributing to make India a prosperous nation. It could not have been possible without Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and exceptional policies. With successful ‘Make in India’ campaign, increased border security, strengthening armed forces, development in various different sectors, this remarkable leader will take India to much greater heights. 


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