President Tsai says Taiwan is not looking for a military confrontation


On Friday (Oct 8), President Tsai Ing-wen said that Taiwan does not seek military confrontation but will do whatever it takes to defend its independence amid escalating tensions with China that have alarmed the international community. Since Oct 1, Taiwan has claimed that almost 150 Chinese air force aircraft came into its air defense zone during four days, though those operations have since concluded.
Taiwan has been complaining about similar actions for more than a year, describing them as “grey zone warfare” to wear out Taiwan’s military forces and test their capacity to respond. Taiwan is considered a renegade province by China, which must be reunited with the mainland by force if necessary. Taiwan has said that it will safeguard its democracy and liberties.
“Taiwan does not desire military conflict,” Ms. Tsai declared at Taipei’s annual Yushan forum. It aspires to cohabit with its neighbors peacefully, stable, predictable, and mutually beneficial. Taiwan, on the other hand, will do all it takes to protect its independence and democratic way of life.”
The Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation hosts the forum, covering a wide range of topics, including regional security. China claims to be trying to preserve its security and sovereignty and has blamed the present tensions on the United States, Taiwan’s most significant international ally and arms supplier.
At the forum, Ms. Tsai stated that success in the Indo-Pacific requires a peaceful, stable, and transparent environment and that the area offers numerous prospects. “However, this introduces new tensions and structural inconsistencies that, if not managed correctly, may have a disastrous effect on international security and the global economy,” she added.
Ms. Tsai noted that Taiwan would collaborate with other regional countries to maintain stability. “
As the standoff with China intensifies, Taiwan has been courting the support of foreign democracies and is hosting four French senators this week, as well as former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is here on a personal basis.


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