Popular card game on its way to becoming official sport in China

Coming from a local pastime in Huaian, Jiangsu province, in the 1960s, guandan (“throwing eggs”), a tactical yet luck-based poker game, has slowly got fame around the entire nation China, with competitions currently taking place worldwide all the year. The game is played with two decks of cards by four players who creates two teams, and follows main rules. The players, who sit in front of each other , who have a goal to defeat the person sitting in front by playing out all their cards before their competitors do.

The game is mostly based on poker hands like straights, full houses, pairs or single cards. Mr Lan Guowei, deputy secretary-general of the Jiangsu Province Guandan Sports Association, said the game has excited exceeding than 60 million people nationwide. The surge in fame can be credited to excited promotion by local governments and avid card players. The eclectic band of fans consists of persons from several sectors, involving finance, government, military and academia, Mr Lan said. “The game’s attraction is based in its competitive spirit and simplicity in acknowledging the ordinary rules.

The excitement goes on a rise whilst the game continues and several tactics come into the act. Victory in the game is seen not just by tactics and cooperation, but there it also relies on ones fortune pretty much” Whilst the rich people may attempt to socialise and polish rapports on guandan tables, several elderly people enjoy having a sight of other people being a part of the game all day long on TV or online.