PKR is ready to work with any politician that is against corruption says Anwar Ibrahim


PKR is going to continuously work and reform the agenda with revolves around the principles of justice as well as the well-being of Malaysia; says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The party is ready to work with any politician that is against abuse of power, corruption and also works on improving the political values of the party.
Datuk Seri Najib Razak gave a suggestion that PKR and UMNO should work together and the PN government which is being led by the current Prime Minister should be removed. The opposition leader, i.e., Anwar replied to this suggestion saying PKR is ready to work with any politician that wants the government to be corrupt-free and should abuse power instead of work on reforming the justice and the principles of the well-being of Malaysia.
Furthermore, Anwar stated that any attempt made for restoring the mandate of the people as well as the dignity of the nation should be prioritised and these two things should be done without sacrificing idealism and the principles of the struggle.
Anwar also noted that the recent political fiasco and the remarks made by the conference of the Malay Rulers should uphold the federal constitution from any sort of abuse. He also thanked the rulers of Malaysia for saving the country from an emergency.
Anwar also stated that it is very important to put in bipartisan efforts especially in the Budget of 2021 so that the country can easily deal with the COVID-19 epidemic and the pressure with epidemic has put on the economy leading it to cause poverty and job loss.


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