Philippines vice president runs for president


Leni Robredo, the Philippines’ vice president, declared her candidacy for President on Thursday (October 7), seeking to invigorate her base and win over additional supporters as the opposition’s unambiguous candidate.
“My determination is unshakable. We must free ourselves from our existing situation. I’m going to fight. We’re going to battle. In the presidential election of 2022, I am putting myself up as a candidate “Ms. Robredo, who is also the Liberal Party’s leader, declared as much.
She cited President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration’s flaws, chastising it for what she perceives as its shambolic approach to the Covid-19 outbreak.
“Filipinos’ lives and futures are on the line. Hospitals are overcrowded, health-care staff are overworked, and individuals who have lost their jobs face starvation. Hundreds of billions of pesos are being invested in dubious agreements, while millions of Filipinos suffer “Ms. Robredo stated. Mr. Duterte has been hounded with the aid of using a Senate probe accusing his accused allies of making the most of at the least 10 billion pesos (S$268 million) well worth of face masks, shields, and different items supposed for the government’s efforts to fight the coronavirus’ spread.
Mr. Duterte has been attempting to undermine the investigation by criticizing senators in charge of it during national addresses intended to detail his government’s epidemic response.
As a result, his approval rating has been declining. According to a recent poll, Filipinos are growing increasingly skeptical of his anti-corruption efforts. Ms. Robredo explained: “The interests of Filipinos are not the top concern of those in authority. Our issues are caused by a lack of effective government, which must be addressed.” Mr. Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the late dictator’s son and namesake registered his candidacy the day before she declared her campaign.


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