Philippines sees risk of conflict over Taiwan as a ‘major concern’

The Philippines want to boost its potential to confront perils whilst highlighting the requirement to polish ties with allies and pursue an independent foreign policy at the same time, under a six-year national safety policy printed on Tuesday. The 48-page National Security Policy document, which President Ferdinand Marcos Jr recently approved, threw light on “polishing strategic competition between the United States and China” and “intense rivalries among the prominent powers” as contributing to a “more tough geopolitical landscape”.

“A big problem is also seen in the Cross-Straits rapport that has the potential to be the flashpoint in the place,” the government said in the document, printed by the National Security Council, referring to the Taiwan Strait. “The Philippines is worried about its financial status, a potential influx of refugees, and the wellbeing of over the seas residents.” To get energy safety, the government said it will be working on growth of offshore reserves, involving the South China Sea, to help cut down dependence on imports.