Philippines says it is ready to chair Asean in 2026 instead of Myanmar

The Philippines is all set with a plan to chair Asean in 2026 despite of Myanmar, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr conveyed on Tuesday, as the bloc deals with the ways to involve with Myanmar’s junta governers. Myanmar has been disturbed by dreadful disputes since a 2021 military coup deposed Ms Aung San Suu Kyi’s government and set free a bloody crackdown on disagreement. “It brings me immense joy to declare that the Philippines is all set to take the helm and chair Asean in 2026,” Mr Marcos told Asean governers in Indonesian capital Jakarta.

“We will fortify the base of our community-building and navigate Asean as it starts on a fresh note ,” he declared, revealed by a statement from the presidential palace. Mr Marcos said nothing regarding why Manila was taking over the chair from Myanmar. However, two South-east Asian diplomats being a part of the summit in Jakarta said the idea was liked by governers of the bloc, so that the problems would not hijack Asean’s goal and hinder “external partners” from visiting to Myanmar for gatherings.