World Peace Summit 2021 with a novel concept


Peace, this five-letter word, is the strongest in our dictionary. Since time immemorial, people of the world have been fighting for this one thing known as Peace. The sad part is the fight for Peace from being between two groups has slowly transitioned towards the battle within ourselves.
In the past few years, Humankind has gotten so engrossed with their day-to-day lives and, trying to win the rat race, has completely forgotten how to live in Peace.
We often come across messages like may their soul rests in Peace, but we often tend to forget the bigger question, and that is; did the person live in Peace, or were they so engrossed in the day-to-day hustle that they completely fail to live in Peace.
Humankind often speaks good about the dead, and we never talk about good for a person who is alive and is living around us. Humans need external stimulations like validations and words like good work; this helps them grow up and provides them with Peace. We need to discuss all this, and thus a summit known as world peace summit 2021 is being organized,
The summit is being organized with a novel concept, Rest In Peace v/s Live In Peace, under the guidance of Dr. Anurag Tripathi, CBSE Secretary, Head of Administration, Affiliation & Finance.
This thought ignites the spark to organize this summit, and indeed, when the power of love overcomes the love for power, it becomes Peace. 3H Companion widely projects this noble cause of introducing, instilling, and creating Peace in association with nineteen organizations Beacon High School Pune, Spiritual Connect Mumbai, Vision Digital India Bangalore and many more for a month with one purpose: to smile and create more smiles aiming to weave the threads of oneness and Peace across the globe.
This beautifully mega-event ended with a beguile of Felicitating and appreciating.
About 150 participants of World Peace Summit 2021 in Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra; Chancellor Shobhit University, Pagidipalli Raja Rao; founder and director Telangana Kalaparishat, and all other guests.
3H stars: priyanjili, Somya, kushagra, Shashank, Sarthak, Harsh, Keshav, Madhav, Manya, Adi, and Niyati made it memorable from planning to Presentation with a note : Please Ensure All Can Enjoy- *PEACE *


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