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Pankaj Vig : Defied the Odds to follow his dreams
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Pankaj Vig : Defied the Odds to follow his dreams

It is rightly said that follow your passion and success will follow you. Everyone dreams about being successful but not everyone has the courage and will power to do the hard work that is required to turn dreams into reality. Most of the people are in a profession which is not their passion. To enjoy your work, you need passion for the work you are doing. Pankaj Vig is an example. Even in the most difficult circumstances, he followed his passion and now he has reached the pinnacle of success. 

World famous dancer and choreographer Pankaj Vig has made 3 World Records. His hard work and determination has made him a globally renowned dancer. But his journey was not easy. 

He was born on August 14, 1978. He was doing electronic engineering but he had to leave his course in the middle because of disturbance caused by terrorist activities. At that time, he started practicing dance at his home. 

His father wanted him to do a job but he asked his dad to give him some time so that he can follow his passion. At that time, children started approaching him to learn dance. He used to learn dance and teach his students. 

In the beginning there were only a few students. But as time progressed, the number of students started to increase. There were so many students that two rooms in his house were not sufficient. Then he started teaching dance in a hall of a school. 

He made his first world record in 2015. He gave a spectacular performance at Khalsa college, Amritsar. More than 9000 students participated. This performance was registered in Guinness Book of Records for the largest Bollywood dance performance. The event was organized to create awareness on drug abuse.

He achieved this feat along with his wife Preeti Singh. She is a choreographer and a TV artist. She has set two Guinness World Records. She has worked in many TV serials, music videos and movies. Preeti supported Pankaj in all his endeavors and together they were able to achieve their dreams. 

He made his second world record in 2016. The record was of the largest fan dance performance in which 650 women had participated. The record has been registered in  the Guinness Book of World Records. They prepared for this performance for a year. The participating women were from all age groups. It was a six minute dance routine and the event was dedicated to girl child. 

In 2017, he made another world record for the Largest Disco Dance. It involved 456 participants. It was dedicated to create awareness regarding women empowerment. The participants were aged between 4 and 60. 

Pankaj Vig has trained thousands of students. He has also trained many to  win in leading reality shows. He has choreographed many songs for famous stars like Gurdas Mann, Harbhajan Mann Jassi, Jaspinder Narula and Hans Raj Hans. He was the chief judge of a leading reality show ‘RISING STAR’. 

His journey from teaching dance at home to a few students to becoming a world famous choreographer was difficult. Despite all the difficulties, he was focused and determined. He is not only successful but he is an example for everyone who is skeptical to pursue their dreams. He is an inspiration for millions around the globe.