OYO to Onboard 50 Hotel Operators in Malaysia to Boost Self-Managed Hotel Program

KUALA LUMPUR – Global hospitality technology company OYO has announced plans to onboard 50 hotel operators in Malaysia as part of its initiative to expand its self-managed hotel program. This move aims to enhance the business prospects of local hotel operators, boost their revenue, and achieve long-term profitability through OYO’s recently launched self-operated hotels program in the country.

In a significant development for Malaysia’s hospitality sector, OYO revealed its plan to open 100 new managed hotels in Malaysia in 2024. This initiative is aligned with the government’s tourism targets by promoting entrepreneurship within the hospitality industry and creating more opportunities for quality accommodation.

OYO’s program will empower local hotel owners with cutting-edge technology and operational expertise. The company will support hotel operators in Malaysia by helping them innovate, enter new markets, expand their customer base, and increase earnings. This support will include mentorship, access to advanced technology, dedicated relationship managers, and integration into OYO’s extensive network of over 650 corporate accounts and more than 300 travel agents across Malaysia.

To boost the visibility and attract more guests, OYO will leverage its global marketing reach. Additionally, the company will offer training programs for hotel staff to enhance service quality and guest satisfaction, aiming to help hotels achieve higher ratings and reviews. Regular quality checks and audits will ensure that participating hotels maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety, and guest satisfaction.

OYO aims to increase the number of hotels under its brands such as Townhouse Oak, OYO Townhouse, Collection O, and Capital O, focusing on regions like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Kota Kinabalu for expansion.

Malaysia’s tourism sector is poised for substantial growth, evidenced by a remarkable 32.5% year-on-year increase in overseas tourists in the first quarter of 2024. This surge not only indicates a resurgence in travel but also sets the stage for the government to achieve its ambitious target of 27.3 million tourists and 102.7 billion ringgits in tourist expenditure for the year.

The influx of visitors presents a significant opportunity for Malaysia’s hotel industry, with the potential to significantly increase occupancy rates and revenue. The government’s commitment to meeting its tourism targets further reinforces the positive outlook for the hotel sector.

Akshay Rathod, Country Head of OYO Malaysia, stated, “OYO is committed to playing a supportive role in driving the growth of Malaysia’s hospitality industry through our innovative approach. OYO’s unique business model enables hotel owners to transform their properties into high-quality, standardized accommodations, thereby improving the overall guest experience. By leveraging this opportunity, hotels in Malaysia can tap into a thriving market and contribute to the overall growth and success of the country’s tourism industry.”

Rusli Rahman, an OYO hotel operator, commented on the partnership, “This collaboration is a game-changer for us. OYO’s innovative solutions, comprehensive tools, and resources have helped us independently manage hotels while benefiting from OYO’s established brand and support systems. We are looking at a long-term partnership with OYO.”

OYO has modernized and digitalized its tech stack to help patrons increase their visibility and improve revenue. Its revamped technological products, like Co-OYO, are now equipped to help patrons design and run their own promotional offers to increase occupancy and support revenue maximization. The AI-based self-onboarding tool, OYO 360, provides a simple two-click platform to enroll patrons on its platform. With a simple review, a property can be live across all platforms in just 30 minute