Only Sanskrit speaking village left in the World: Mattur


Sanskrit is also known as the ‘Language of the Gods’. There is a small village called Mattur which is situated near the river Tunga in Karnataka. The amazing thing about this village is that here most of the people speak Sanskrit. Everyone from children to elders speaks Sanskrit. There all are well versed in scriptures and ancient manuscripts. During the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata, everyone used to communicate in the language Sanskrit. Their motive is to preserve the oldest known language in human history. Sanskrit is not bound by any religion, it is a philosophy. Studying Sanskrit enhances one’s love, trust and determination. It is really effective. Sanskrit is termed as the mother of many Indian languages. The English word ‘man’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mannu’. In the same way ‘shampoo’ is derived from ‘champu’, ‘grass’ has been derived from ‘ghaas’. There are many such words which have evolved from Sanskrit. Parents from various other cities also send their children to Mattur to study Sanskrit. There Sanskrit is taught to each and every child from LKG to 10th standard every single day and therefore everyone there is able to speak in Sanskrit language. Those who are willing to learn Sanskrit, they teach this glorious language free of cost. There are no hotels, restaurants or guesthouses in Mattur. People there let the guests stay in their homes and serve them with home cooked food. The effort put by the people of Mattur village to preserve Sanskrit during the 21st century is remarkable.


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