One minute video inspiring people and raising awareness


Bullying is an unaddressed global problem. Bullying is dominating aggressive behaviour so as to dominate other people. Bullies make fun of the vulnerable. It is harassment which can seriously affect a person psychologically. Bullying can be physical, verbal and psychological. A person can be a victim of bullying at any stage of life. 
The JCSI, 2021 Emmys is an annual competition by Hollywood’s International Academy of Arts and Sciences along with JCS International to create short films that promote inclusivity, equality, and peace. People from all over the world have participated. 
One such participant is a third year Political Science student in UP Manila, named Jamie Jimenez Cerrero suffered from bullying. He is the only child of Eileen Jimenez Cerrero and Roderick Tecson Cerrero. 
When he was in grade school to high school, he suffered extreme bullying because he did not conform to the standards of an “all boys school nature”. He felt as if he was a living virus that can infect people because he was different from them. 
He experienced trauma and suffering. The 11 year traumatic experience helped him create a one-minute short film that will invite people to become peace frontliners or changemakers in healing negativity and hate. It helped him grow and influence other people to rise up and be resilient. Jamie did not have any experience in filmmaking. It was only during the course of competition that he learned how to edit. His efforts are inspiring people globally. 
This one minute video is having a huge impact. It is raising awareness and victims of bullying are speaking up and sharing their experiences. It has become a bridge to unite people together.  Bullying is a long term issue that we must stop together. 


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