NTU allows international students to stay on campus: reverse policy


After Nanyang Technological University (NTU) overturned an announcement issued on Thursday, international students who are presently residents will maintain their hostel spots (July 1).
The university stated that it was aware of the difficulties in securing alternate off-campus lodging due to Covid-19. Active hall residents with full points for involvement in hall events and first- and second-year students in the following academic year will be given a seat.
On Thursday, NTU indicated that hall occupancy would be decreased to allow Covid-19 isolation and other related objectives.
The NTU spokesperson stated on Friday that, like in past years, the institution could not accept all applications for hall spaces when demand was higher than anticipated.
He went on to say that, in addition to the unusually high demand for hall seats this year, NTU had to examine the amount it could give as part of its risk management procedures.
” we’ve carefully assessed the hall capacity, keeping in mind that vaccines are now well underway and that we’ll be implementing additional safe management procedures. As a result, we’ve added additional hall seats and contacted newly successful candidates today “On Friday, an NTU spokeswoman stated.


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