Now you will not be able to click pictures and make videos on Mt Everest as Nepal imposes a ban


Nepal has announced that there will be a ban on taking pictures, videos of other climbers, and members of the expedition teams to Everest; the ministry of culture tourism and civil aviation announced this ban and further stated that the ban is also on circulation of the images.
While issuing this notice, the department states that the climber can click share and make videos of themselves and the group. But if they click pictures of other climbers without consent from them and the department, they will have to bear the consequences.
Nimal Puja, the record holder mountaineer, shared a picture of the traffic jam on mt Everest; this picture got viral in 2019 (May). After this, the officials from Nepal face criticism and scrutiny by the international media as this poses a threat to the ecosystem of the Himalayas.
Moreover, it has been reported that the mountaineering community all across the world has criticized the Nepal government’s management skills and how they are managing Mt Everest’s expedition. After this image was circulated, some of the climbers took pictures and filmed from the top of Mount Everest, which got circulated on the internet.
Officials stated that these are the attempts for defaming the tourist management of mount Everest; while referring to the statement Mira Acharya, the official at Nepal’s tourism department, stated that they have decided to ban clicking of pictures and filming of videos at the top of the Everest so that the negative publicity can be stopped. She further stated that they have come up with new guidelines to protect the other mountains of the country.


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