North Korea Slams US, Accusing it of Weaponizing Human Rights

North Korea issued a scathing rebuke against the United States on April 27, accusing Washington of politicizing human rights issues in the East Asian nation and branding it as a form of political provocation and conspiracy.

In a statement quoted by state media KCNA, a spokesperson from North Korea’s foreign ministry condemned what it termed as the US administration’s use of human rights as a tool for invasion and hostile behavior against North Korea. The spokesperson singled out a special envoy on human rights appointed by President Joe Biden, Julie Turner, who visited Seoul and Tokyo in February to discuss North Korean human rights issues.

The annual report released by the State Department earlier this week highlighted “significant human rights issues” in North Korea, including reports of arbitrary killings, enforced disappearances, and torture by government authorities.

In addition to the human rights accusations, North Korea criticized the US for its stance on missile launches, labeling it as a violation of UN resolutions. The criticism came in response to US calls urging North Korea to cease its missile launches, including a South Korean satellite launch in April.

Despite international pressure, North Korea asserted its sovereignty, vowing to continue its planned activities, including enhancing its space reconnaissance capabilities, as part of its mission to ensure national security.

The exchange underscores the ongoing tensions between North Korea and the US, with human rights issues and missile launches serving as contentious points of contention in their bilateral relations. As North Korea remains defiant, the prospect of diplomatic engagement to address these issues appears increasingly challenging.