New Zealander breaks record with 941 bungee jumps in one day

A New Zealander smashed the world record on Wednesday for the most bungee jumps in 24 hours after making a total of 941 leaps off Auckland Bridge. Mr Mike Heard, 41, toppled the last record of 765 jumps set by Frenchman Francois-Marie Dibon in Scotland in 2022. Beginning at 7am on Tuesday, Mr Heard passed Mr Dibon’s record in the early hours of Wednesday before powering on to set the fresh best mark, his support team conveyed. “It certainly wasn’t a piece of cake and, going into it, I acknowledged it would come up as a large issue.

The number of jumps we had to hit added a whole fresh level of nerves to this try for me,” Mr Heard conveyed. “But the record required to be here because bungee is a part of our DNA,” he said. Mr Heard, who stays in Auckland, was showered with blue confetti after his 941st and final leap just before 7am on Wednesday. Bungee jumping is an intense sport of leaping from a great height while connected to an elastic rope.

He earlier set the record in 2008 and 2017. Mr Heard said he was inspired to bring the record to New Zealand and increase money for a mental health charity. “It seems not so right to let this record be held by any nation other than New Zealand, and I want it back,” he said before trying to reclaim the record.