New Zealand defence review calls for more money to meet great power rivalry

New Zealand is dealing with the extremely problematic strategic environment in many many years amid a huge power rivalry and with a military not fit for future predicaments, according to a government review that were not having any clear plans to handle  the situation. The government on Friday showed its first national safety strategy, along with the first stage of a defence review.

The review highlighted how New Zealand requires to spend more on its military and polish ties with nations in the Indo-Pacific to support to encounter the problems of climate transformation and so much competition between the West, and China and Russia. “The threats that New Zealand faces are becoming more complicated and more challenging,” New Zealand Defence Secretary Andrew Bridgman said in a speech at the launch.

“We will go on to meet the need of today’s time with the force we possess, however in the near term, we need to re establish ourselves for the coming future and the transforming context.”