Nepali Sherpa Scales Everest for Record 30th Time

KATHMANDU – Nepali Sherpa guide Kami Rita Sherpa has made history by reaching the summit of Mount Everest for the 30th time on May 22, setting a new record for the most ascents. This achievement comes just 10 days after his 29th successful climb.

Kami Rita, 54, reached the 8,849-meter peak via the traditional southeast ridge route, according to Nepali tourism official Khim Lal Gautam. “He broke his own record … this marks his 30th ascent to the top of the world,” Gautam, chief of the expedition monitoring and facilitation field office at the base camp, announced on social media platform X.

Kami Rita first conquered Everest in 1994 and has since climbed it nearly every year, except for three years when the mountain was closed due to various reasons. His relentless pursuit and achievements have made him an iconic figure in the mountaineering community.

Mountain climbing is a vital part of Nepal’s tourism industry, providing significant revenue and employment. The country is home to eight of the world’s 14 highest peaks, attracting climbers from all over the globe.

Another Sherpa climber holds the second-highest number of Everest summits at 27. Kami Rita’s extraordinary feat of multiple ascents in a short span highlights his exceptional endurance and expertise. Details of Kami Rita’s latest climb on May 22 are still awaited, but his record-setting 30th ascent reaffirms his unparalleled legacy in the world of high-altitude mountaineering.