Nepal is accelerating towards a new form of tourism

The Himalayas is the paradise for tourists. Most trails around the himalayas are accessible by foot. But space is being generated for one more form of locomotion, this is bicycles. New trails are opening up. Now inaccessible areas can be accessed via new roads. Nepal is becoming a popular destination for mountain bikers and adventure lovers. Now various biking festivals are organized and it is becoming a premium adventure biking destination. The country is exploring its potential in this area. It has also been featured on National geographic. Mountain biking was present earlier but Nepal was not a premium destination for it. Now sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular and mountain biking is the best form of sustainable tourism.

A portal has been recently launched that provides information regarding the trails. It has recreational events as well as competitive events for numerous styles of riding. New mountain biking trails are being explored. The portal with the information is The potential of Nepal as a premium destination for mountain biking has not yet been fully realized and efforts are being made at various levels to reach its full potential. One of the biggest challenges in the way is that Nepal is not yet known as a mountain biking destination.

Because of the increased access in the past few years, cycling tours have benefited from it. Construction in various areas is a problem for trekkers but it has favoured cyclists. When the path is cleared for roads, it instantly becomes accessible to cyclists. With the increase in popularity of mountain biking, there are approximately 3,000 bikers who visit Nepal every year. But it is not sufficient for the tourism industry to survive. The target of the government is to attract mountain bikers from Asia. There is a huge potential for growth in this sector of tourism.