Neil Heritage : Overcame extreme challenges with perseverance and faith

Neil Heritage was serving in the British Army for 11 years. He joined the army when he was merely 16 years old.  He was on the bomb disposal team in northern Ireland and Iraq

A particular moment in 2004 altered his life. He was clearing a route and a suicide bomber got through. Neil lost both his legs. He was the most seriously injured soldier. 

He spent a week in a coma. It was devastating for Neil and his family. He went through unimaginable pain. He had to go through a series of operations over many months. 

But he never lost hope and faith. He recovered from his injuries, persevered and inspired many people. It took five years for him to be mobile again without using sticks or crutches. He was told that he could never walk again in his life. But nothing deterred him and he overcame extreme challenges. 

He went out to run Triathlons, rowed across the Atlantic ocean, and Skiing. He is the first double leg amputee to scale the massive mountain Matterhorn (4478 metres).  He climbed the mountain in his third attempt in three years. His first two attempts were foiled by bad weather conditions. 

His story is unbelievable. He has a foundation by the name ‘Climb 2 Recovery’ where he helps people in similar situations through funds and many more things. He is a hero. His journey is heart wrenching and inspiring. His story has inspired millions and is changing lives.